Sectors of activities

Aeronautics and Space

Bene Solutions is a key player in the aeronautic and space sectors both as an industrial integrator and machining specialist. Our customers are leaders in the fields of aero structure and engines e.g. Machining : we carry out high accuracy machining operations on both prototype and serial parts.. AIRBUS, DASSAULT, SAFRAN and STELIA.

Thanks to our wide range of machine tools, we can work on all types of materials i.e. hard metals, aluminum, composite.

We are organized in such a way as to meet both the requirements of low rate aeronautic programs (A400M, A380) and high rate programs (A320 or LEAP jet engine). Many customers entrust us with developing prototypes or starting new programs. Thanks to our responsiveness we are also entrusted with « fil rouge » or « speed shop » jobs.

In the field of industrial integration, we are appreciated and recognized for our capability to carry out turnkey projects from design to manufacturing and delivery.

We work on the latest aeronautic programs A350, A320NEO, A330NEO, LEAP 1A/1B/1C, SAM146, SILVERCREST, etc. Our range of applications is wide i.e. from tooling and fixtures to complete assembly lines. Our high tech skills in tooling, automation and robotics along with a long standing successful experience contribute to working out innovative solutions on the assembly lines.


In the defence sector we work mainly for DCNS, on all sites nationwide.

We manufacture parts for military vessels or defence systems.

Thanks to our production tools and organization, we can meet the technical requirements of this very demanding sector. We use all our skills for this sector and more especially machining of hard metal and composite material.

Power generation

We manufacture both new products and spare parts for our customers of the power generation sector. We also manufacture the maintenance tools for these products.

Bene Solutions has many customers in this line of business e.g. REEL, EDF or AREVA, MAN (Diesel engines), GE (renewable energy).

Industrial processes

Industrial processes are not a line of business as such, however this sector amounts to a significant part of Bene Solutions sales and is linked to our industrial integration departments.

Bene Solutions targets all companies requiring automation and robotics for their industrial processes.