Unit parts and serial parts

Bene Solutions machining scope of supply is organized through the specialization of its production into unit parts and serial parts.
Therefore, Bene Solutions can meet both demands for urgent or prototype part specifications and serial part consistency requirements whilst being totally reliable in terms of quality and lead time.

The processes are strong, with skills focused on production control oriented management. The ERP software has been widely developed on the PIC/PDP/ORDO. On the shop floor, the teams are strongly involved in customer oriented targets. Internal communication uses the SQCDP for efficient management.

Investments are high, amounting to 10 % of the yearly turnover and taking into account production safety through back-up solutions for all types of projects/products.

The main characteristic of Bene Solution is versatility/multi-skills i.e. small and large size parts, machining of all types of materials e.g. titanium, Inconel, aluminum, composite materials and so on. Machining can be split into four main categories which are strongly developed at Bene Solutions: hard metals, aluminum, composite materials and sections.

Hard metals

Our hard metal machining means are constantly developed both for turning and milling operations.


We machine from solid blocks of aluminum with a high flow of chips. Very high accuracy is achieved both in milling and turning thanks to our dedicated range of machine tools.

Composite materials

Bene Solutions has always specialized in machining composite materials. We can mill (5 axes) both small and large parts up to 13000 x 4000 x 2000 mm. Composite material specialist teams are dedicated specifically to machining and US inspections whilst strictly meeting the customer specifications, processes and standards.


Sections, be they of the drawn (extruded) or formed types, are quite commonly used to reduce production costs.

Bene Solutions machining processes are worked out to meet low production costs even for complex parts of sizes up to 5500 x 1800 x 1500 mm (5 axes).