About us

Growth and diversification

The company Besné Mécanique de Précision (Elyps group), set up in 1980, changed its name to Bene Solutions in 2017. This change results from the growth and diversification of a forward looking company within a dynamic industrial area. Machining subcontracting for the prime contractors of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire region was its founding line of business and still remains a significant part both of its current activity and its development targets.

From the very beginning, Bene Solutions has worked for the aeronautical and power generation sectors, with major historical customers who provided support in the development of the company and the diversification of its skills.

Today, Bene Solutions has customers not only all over France but also worldwide.

A workforce of 115

With a workforce of 115 and a € 14 M turnover, Bene Solutions is a subcontractor which has grown thanks to well thought out and appropriate managing policies.

Investment is at the heart of the development of Bene Solutions, both in terms of means and skills.

Relying on high levels of certification, successful experience and involved, motivated and dynamic teams, Bene Solutions has developed its know-how and capabilities through the creation of its design and manufacturing engineering office, Bene Ingénierie. With a long standing and exhaustive knowledge of automatic devices and systems, both entities work on projects involving all their respective skills in robotics, cobotics, industrial integration.

Machining parts great and small, unit or serial

2 workshops with an overall area of 4000 sq. m are dedicated to machining – one workshop for small size parts and the other for large parts. Organization is based on the type of operations to be carried out, i.e. either single unit parts or serial parts.

Through our strong, reliable processes involving production control tools PIC/PDP/ORDO we can meet our customers’ strictest requirements with very good results in terms of OTD and OQD.

Industrial integration, an overall proposal

With our exhaustive skills and knowhow in mechanics, automation and robotics, we can carry out your complete project from the first draft throughout to implementation, installation and on site setting up/tuning.

Bene Solutions relies on its design and manufacturing engineering office to work out innovative solutions. These solutions are integrated into our customers’ production lines and contribute to significant performance improvements of their industrial processes.